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Do Not Confine Your Church to Four Walls - 1 Thessalonians 5:11

After the roller coaster of the past two years with social distancing measures and places of worship being closed I feel God has reminded us what He defined the church to be. Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Sunday church time - worshiping together, the community feel and group prayer time (in person) but I also love and praise God after I see how strongly the church has prevailed despite not being able to physically be in the same place!

The church is a community of people, believers, who pray for each other, lift each other up emotionally and spiritually and also a place of encouragement. The bible strongly encourages us to discuss our sins with fellow believers in James 5 (in addition to confessing to the Lord of course) because Jesus knows how important community is. He knows how we function because we are His creation and this is exactly why He instituted the church.

Social distancing or not, we need to continue communicating with one another, lifting each other up in prayer, encouraging both the weak and strong in spirit in a world where hope seems to be diminishing and confiding in each other as we grow in faith. Remember the second greatest commandment - love thy neighbor (Matthew 22).


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